Location :
Argentina is located in southern South America and it is the southernmost country in the world. Some of its neighbor countries are Brazil , Chile and Uruguay .
Argentina is 2 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard time during the US fall/winter, and 1 hour ahead US Eastern Standard during US spring/summer. Therefore travelers coming from North America will experience little or no jet lag.

Territory :
Argentina is the eight largest country in the world with a surface of 1.068.296 square miles ( 2,780,092 square kilometers).

Climate :
The country's territory offers a wide variety of climates: subtropical in the North, sub-Antarctic in the southern Patagonia , and mild and humid in the Pampas plains. Remember that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite of those in the northern hemisphere(when it's summer in North America, it's winter-time in Argentina).

Population :
Argentina has a population of 39,5 million people and a high diversity of immigrant communities particularly from Europe. In the capitol city of Buenos Aires you will enjoy a sophisticated European style which makes travelers feel very comfortable no matter how many miles they are from home. For this reason Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris of South America".

Language :
Spanish is the official language. English is widely spoken in tourist destinations.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to learn about Latin American culture and art. Argentina's literacy rate is 97,1%.

Currency :
The Argentine peso is Argentina 's official currency. US dollars, Euros and credit cards are widely accepted in Argentina . The local currency was devalued in January 2002, thereby making Argentina an inexpensive destination. large .jpg

Diseases :
No yellow fever, malaria, Ebola or tropical illnesses exist in Argentina . Tap water is safe to drink in all tourist cities and mineral water is of top quality.


Unique Argentine Attractions

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Aerial view of the iguazu falls

Iguazú Falls 

Argentina is the only place in the world where you can feel the power of the widest falls on Earth. Declared Mankind's Natural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1984, the Iguazú Falls offer an impressive view to our eyes, an overwhelming sound to our ears and an unforgettable experience that will be treasured all our lives. The tropical location and the seer beauty of the Iguazú Falls led Eleanor Roosevelt to say "Poor Niagara".

Four times the width of Niagara Falls, Iguassu Falls are divided by various islands into separate waterfalls.

Just try to imagine 4.42 millions gallons (17 millions liters) of water falling every 10 seconds.



Admire the natural beauty of the breathtaking landscapes at Bariloche in the Patagonia region.

Patagonia, one of the most extensive unspoiled areas on the planet, is definitely a dream come true and a unique natural heaven on Earth. It's breathtaking vistas and unique attractions have enchanted travelers all around the world. Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Luciano Benneton, George Soros and Silvester Stallone are only some of the people who have even decided to buy land and build a "home sweet home" in Patagonia. Enjoy the best Patagonia tours.

El Calafate trekking on the glaciers

El Calafate

Trek on the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier at El Calafate.

The Perito Moreno Glacier, declared Mankind´s Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its breathtaking beauty and its unusual behaviour, is one of largest and few active glaciers in the world. Every now and then its 197 feet (60 meters) face casts off entire walls or chunks of ice that fall into the waters of the Icebergs Canal. Smaller sections break off constantly. Once you’ve heard the crackle of breaking ice and seen the immense sheets of ice walls plunging precipitously into the waters, you’ll realize that you’re witnessing one of the most impressive spectacles in the world and a must-see attraction of a life time

Ushuaia offroading by lake


Enrich your adventurous spirits discovering unique adventure experiences at the Ends of the Earth.

If you still believe the earth is flat and fastened to four turtles stacked on an elephant, then you definitely need to take an expedition to
Ushuaia, the southernmost city of world. Engage in overlanding tours in 4x4 vehicles, trekking experiences in exotic and inhabited islands, canoeing expeditions and much more!

Ushuaia is the gateway towards the vast and mysterious Antarctica.

Big dolphins in El Calafate Argentina

Valdes Peninsula

The Valdes Peninsula region is one of the largest marine wildlife reserves in the world, and a true paradise for marine wildlife lovers.

In this destinations you can admire the largest continental colony of
magellanic penguins of the world (up to one million penguins), the largest territorial colony of elephant seals in the world, and important colonies of sea lions, killer whales, and other marine species.

However, the main star of this destination is the
Southern Right Whale. After being hunted to near-extinction during the heyday of the whaling industry, the Southern Right Whale is now one of the most rare whales in the world.

You can also board a zodiac boat to discover one of the smallest and most beautiful dolphins ever: the
Commerson's Dolphins, which can only be seen in the Argentinean Patagonian coast and in the Kerguelen Island in the Indian Ocean.

Tango couple dancing in Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires


Experience an evening of passion, charm, beauty and sensuality; a night of Tango in Buenos Aires. This music has seduced millions of now tango fanatics around the world which after their first dance, have decided to tango on for ever. We will take you to enjoy the world-class performance of our argentine tango dancers and musicians. 

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