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In Bariloche you will admire the breathtaking natural landscapes of Patagonia, a unique natural heaven on Earth. It's magic and unique attractions have enchanted travelers all around the world.

Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Luciano Benetton and George Soros and are only some of the people who have even decided to buy land and build a "home sweet home" in Patagonia...



Read below to learn about our suggested Bariloche tours and our useful insider's tips for having the best time in Bariloche!

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bariloche lake and mountian view

bariloche llao llao valley

bariloche cerro campanario

bariloche mount campanario

Panoramic Hiking Experience

Prepare to enjoy an amazing hiking & sightseeing experience, delighting yourself with some of the most impressive panoramic views of Patagonia.

You'll be picked up in the morning by our expert hiking guide in a private vehicle. Our destination is the Cerro Llao Llao (Mount Llao Llao), definitely the most beautiful outing in this region. The trekking on the Llao Llao Hill is an easy hike which takes you to strategic panoramic points that will allow you to enjoy and take pictures of amazing panoramic views (see picture on the left) .

The hiking at Llao Llao hill lasts approximately between 2 hours and 2 hours and a half.

After enjoying this spectacular hike and panoramic views, you will go with our guide to Cerro Campanario. On the way, you'll stop to shoot some pictures by the best panoramic point of the road, where you'll enjoy a direct view of the Llao Llao Peninsula (see picture on the left).

The way up Campanario Hill will be done with a chairlift. The views from Mount Llao Llao are mid range panoramic views, but at Mount Campanario you'll enjoy long range panoramic views. National Geographic rated the view from Cerro Campanario as the 7th most beautiful view in the World! (see pictures on the left) .

You'll take the chairlift back to the road and our guide will take you back to your hotel.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: half day (4 hours approximately)

Guide: private English speaking hiking guide

Transfer: private vehicle

Includes: transfers + tickets for chairlift at Cerro Campanario



Insider's Tip 1 : This is special hiking tour we have designed for our guests which covers the best hiking and panoramic sightseeing spots of Bariloche (some "secret" and exclusive routes also included!). If you want to book your hiking tour with other company make sure that it includes the Cerro Llao Llao region and it is a must to take the chairlift to Cerro Campanario to enjoy amazing long range panoramic views which have been rated by National Geographic as the 7th best panoramic view in the world! If you finally decide not to take a hiking or trekking tour (Bariloche is a great destinations for hiking and trekking) then you can also visit the Cerro Campanario and its amazing panoramic views taking a cab from you hotel by your own. On the top of the Cerro Campanario you have a bar with tables and huge panoramic windows. It's very nice to take a cup of hot chocolate while admiring that fantastic view. Last, there are at least 5 different panoramic viewpoints on top of the Cerro Campanario, be sure to visit all of them!


Insider's Tip 2 : Like in any adventure experience you have you certify that the guides have the required knowledge and expertise to make this activities fun and not risk. We only work with certified guides who have a guide degree in any of the major local hiking and trekking institutions. Ask the hiking/trekking tour company if their guides are for example part of the MGA (Mountain Guides Association) which is the most important mountain guides association of Argentina.


Insider's Tip 3 : In any adventure activity how you dress can make a big difference on whether you have a great time or not. If you feel uncomfortable, too cold or too hot most probably your tour experience won't be as good. Due to the changing weather, and to enjoy your trekking or hiking experience we recommend you bring the following items:

  • A windbreaker jacket
  • Comfortable trekking boots or shoes, rubber soles are best
  • Sun glasses to protect your eyes from the sun on summer and spring
  • Sun screen on summer and spring

For multi-day trekking programs you will need specific gear according to that specific tour. In Bariloche you also have a couple of great guides for mountain climbing if you would like to pump your adrenaline!


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bariloche puerto panuelo boat

bariloche chairlift

bariloche nahuel huapi cruise boatbariloche nahuel huapi

bariloche house on victoria island
bariloche myrtl forest

bariloche myrtl trees

bariloche myrtl tree

Sailing & Exploration to the Victoria Island and Myrtle Forest

This tour begins at Puerto Pañuelo, on the shores of the picturesque Llao Llao Peninsula. Our boat leaves from this pier towards Victoria Island.

The blue waters of the Nahuel Huapi, the greenness of the trees growing on the coast and the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range that surrounds the scenery are our companions during this voyage.

After 30 minutes of a quiet lake ride that crosses 7 miles (11 kilometers), Puerto Anchorena is reached on the Victoria island.

Its beautiful natural scenery spreads across 3,710 hectares and encloses various attractions. This island in a remote past was dwelled by Indian communities that left their marks in the form of cave paintings in some areas of the island.

The leafy trails that cross Victoria lead the visitors to the giant sequoias, thujas, eucalyptus, pines, oaks as well as cypresses, coihues and ñires, which are the habitat for various species, such as the pudú (the smallest deer in the world), wild boar, red deer, pheasants and countless species of birds. Some imperial shags may also be spoted in the tree tops.

The del Toro, Puerto Gross, Radal and Piedras Blancas beaches are some of the most interesting nooks in Victoria Island.

You have more than 3 hours to tour the different trails in Isla Victoria, and after that you will continue the sailing up to Puerto Quetrihue, located in the South of the peninsula bearing the same name, in order to visit the Arrayanes National Park .

This reserve protects a myrtle forest unique in the world, with specimens of 45 feet (15 meters) high which are between 500 and 650 years old. This tree formation with ancient specimens is unique in the world. The tree bark is cold, completely smooth and cinnamon-colored. The tree has white flowers resembling the orange blossom, and purple fruit with a deliciuos taste. The myrtle forest has been declared natural monument and human activities have been restricted in this area. Los Arrayanes National Park was created in 1971. It covers the whole extension of the Quetrihuè Peninsula with an area of 1,840 hectares.

You have about 50 minutes to visit the Arrayanes forest.

At late afternoon you return to our hotel.

Difficulty: low

Duration: full day

Guide: this tour is self-guided and we will provide you with the needed information to enjoy this day tour the most.

Includes: transfers and entrance fee to National Park


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bariloche rafting group
Teamwork starts at land

bariloche velvet canyon
The Velvet Canyon

bariloche rafting training
Training starts at land...

bariloche panoramic rafting photo
Rapids get tougher

bariloche rafting rappid
The raft is always escorted by the safety kayak

bariloche rafting chile border
The milestone that separates Argentina & Chile

Rafting to the Chilean Border over the Manso River

Get ready for an exciting adventure day full of adrenaline and fun in the class III and IV rapids of the Manso River. This journey starts at Bariloche and you will paddle all the way to the border with Chile! Fasten your adventure belts and bring your towel... you`ll be completely soaked from head to toes!

Our chauffeur will meet you at your hotel to start your adventure journey.

We will drive for 65 miles (approximately 100 kilometers) until we reach our refuge at about 10:30 AM. On the way you will enjoy astonishing views of high mountains on a road zigzagging through the wilderness. It will take 2 hours approximately to reach the refuge where the rafting adventure begins.

If it is cold we will provide you with a dry-fit neoprene jacket. After you are dressed and ready our expert guide will give you the basic paddling techniques and safety instructions for this thrilling rafting adventure, ensuring everybody's safety and comfort.

We are now ready to set off and start our rafting descent. The first half an hour you will enjoy rafting through a breathtaking canyon (Velvet Canyon). The tranquil emerald green waters set a perfect setting to practice and start feeling confident with your paddling skills.

Following, you´ll reach white water rapids and the adventure begins! Team effort and spirit will be needed to ride over these rapids (Class III/IV) that the Manso River has. Indeed, the "welcome rapid" shakes our boat, but it gets better along the way, better and wilder!

You´ll see why we have named some of these rapids with names as "Ozone hole"; "scream out loud"; "ecstasy" ; etcétera.

Two hours later our adventure ends, very close to the border with Chile, where a van will be waiting to drive us to a camping site where you will delighted with an "asado patagónico" (meat barbecue) with beverages and wine.

We then return to Bariloche arriving back to our hotel at around 7:00 PM.

Requirements for this tour: being older than 14 years old, physically fit, and confident about swimming.

You should know that you are definitely going to be wet from head to toes in cold river water. Though this tour is terribly fun, travelers who aren`t comfortable with fast water riding should strongly consider not not pursuing this tour. Be assured that full safety is always achieved, ensured by the professional experienced guides and a safety kayak that continuously follows the raft. If you should fall from the raft, there´s nothing to worry about because the guide in the safety kayak will assist you and help you get to the nearest shore, so you can rest assured your wellbeing and safety is completely covered at all times.

If your children are less than 14 years old or if you are just looking for a fun but easy rafting experience, please request the "Classic Manso rafting" experience which can be done by anyone older than 6 years, presenting almost no difficulty at all. (Class I/II rapids)

Difficulty: moderate

Duration: full day

Guide: shared English/Spanish speaking guide

Transfer: shared vehicle

Includes: transfers + complete rafting equipment and a safety kayak + dry-fit neoprene jackets + lunch with beverages and wine



Insider's Tip : This is a class III/IV rapid, there is no past rafting experience needed, our guides will teach you how to raft, but you have to be comfortable with swimming as it is very probable that raft will turn over and you will have to swim in the rapids. If you don't know how to swim but you do want to enjoy a rafting experience, then we suggest that you book the "Classic Manso river rafting" which is a very easy but exciting rafting with no age restriction (therefore a good choice also for families with kids). It's very important that you ask your tour company if you will be provided for the rafting to the frontier with Chile with the complete rafting safety equipment (i.e.: rafting life suits, helmets. neoprene jackets if water is too cold, etc.) and any class III/IV or higher rafting should be done with a raft and also a safety kayak (safety kayaks can be used also for the class I/II raftings). Use only reliable rafting companies endorsed by the Bariloche tourism association which have certified rafting guides and the follow the mandatory security guidelines.


Insider's Tip 2: Take your camera also for this tour. You won't be able to use it on the boat (unless you have a waterproof camera) but you will need it to take photos of the super nice views and landscapes that you will see on the way to the Manso River and also at milestone which separates Chile and Argentina, where the rafting ends (also know as the "victory milestone"!).


Insider's Tip 3: When booking the tour ask your tour company if you have to take your passport on the rafting to the border with Chile (of course not on the raft!) as local authorities are sometimes requesting it.


Insider's Tip 4: Try to get a seat next to the window on the tour vehicle that will take you to the rafting camp. This way you will be able to take photos of the fantastic mountains and landscapes you will see before getting to the rafting camp.


Insider's Tip 5: In any adventure activity how you dress can make a big difference on whether you have a great time or not. If you feel uncomfortable, too cold or too hot most probably your tour experience won't be as good. We suggest for this tour:


1. Bring a complete change of clothes to change after the rafting, including an extra pair of sneakers or sport shoes (you will need to wear sneakers on the raft so they will be completely soaked!). You will be given wetsuits for this tour if the water is too cold, but the clothes you will take on the raft will get wet. Our guide will provide you with all necessary rafting and safety equipment. You will leave your bag with your spare clothes at our refuge where you will return for lunch.


2. Bring and wear sunscreen. Your body will be exposed to the sun during the entire day.


3. If you have them, bring a pair of comfortable neoprene gloves with you as they will protect your hands from getting blisters while rowing. However, if you don't have neoprene gloves, you can wear any type of glove or just don't wear gloves.


Insider's Tip 6: Most often, tour transfers are done in air conditioned vehicles which tend to be a bit too cold. Therefore, a sweater or pullover always comes in handy. We suggest always carrying one with you, hence avoiding the risk of catching a cold because of these sudden changes in temperatures.


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bariloche horseback tour
Crossing streams

bariloche cerro trenador
View to Cerro Tronador

bariloche fortin cacchabuco
Fortin Chacabuco Lodge

Limay River

bariloche andean condor
Andean Condor

Horseback Riding Experience at a Patagonian Estancia

Prepare for a day full of adventures. You will leave in the morning in our van. The drive takes about half an hour before reaching Fortín Chacabuco Ranch.

Estancia Fortin Chacabuco (Fortin Chacabuco ranch) is located on the shore of Rio Limay (Limay River), 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Bariloche. This historical place was the last military settlement in the Desert Campaign of 1880 when Government forces were engaged in battle against the local natives. It was built in 1883 when General Villegas ordered to build the Chacabuco Fort. This estancia captures exactly the flavor of a historical and authentic Patagonian estancia. It still operates similarly to the way large ranches were run years ago by it's sheep herding, cattle and horse ranching. At the Fortin Chacabuco Ranch you will explained how the dynamics of ranching sheep works, along with all the other tasks done in the estancia. The Estancia Fortin Chacabuco was the first ranch in Argentina to develop a genetically superior species of sheep, both for wool and meat, being the first in Argentina that used frozen sperm for artificial insemination.

The location is the transitional zone between the precordillera and the steppe. It has two well-defined geographical areas. The steppe gives panoramic views of Bariloche, the Nahuel Huapi Lake, Cerro Tronador and the Limay River, whereas the forest zone consists of varied terrain with canyons, rock formations, streams and marshes, therefore offering different and varied flora, fauna and soils. These combination of beautiful landscapes will let you enjoy a one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience and what we consider one of the best horseback riding trips of all Patagonia.

What further completes this country lodge is its reputation of fine home cooked food. By visiting this special place you will be able to observe first hand the life and character of the estancias in this region.

At the estancia you will be greeted by the local guides (baqueanos), who know these regions like the palm of their hands. They will have horses ready for you to ride up into the arid and desolate Patagonian "estepa" (praire). You will first ride along the Fortin Mountain slopes where you are likely to spot some Red Deers, Guanacos, Grey Foxes and perhaps the "King of the Air" - the Andean Giant Condor, which are often seen soaring around the region peaks.

Back in the ranch an "asado criollo" (delicious meat barbecue) awaits. This style cooking meat over an open fire (very close to hot coals but without flames) is typical of Argentina. In the afternoon you will have free time to walk around the establishment, into the sheep-shearing sheds, the horse stables and the "gauchos" quarters. You will also enjoy "mate" (Argentines typical hot beverage) and delicious "tortas fritas" (similar to donoughts). "Mate" is made from dried crushed leaves of the "mate" bush, then hot water is added in much the same way tea is made. It is served in a "mate" cup and sipped through an ornate (sometimes silver) straw. Any time of the day in Argentina is "mate" time.

You will return to Bariloche in the late afternoon.

Difficulty: low

Duration: full day

Guide: shared English/Spanish speaking guide

Transfer: shared vehicle

Includes: asado (barbeque) for lunch with beverages.



Insider's Tip 1: Although Bariloche offers several horseback riding options we strongly suggest booking the horseback riding at the Fortín Chacabuco ranch, which offers by far the most amazing and also diverse landscapes.


Insider's Tip 2: In any adventure activity how you dress can make a big difference on whether you have a great time or not. If you feel uncomfortable, too cold or too hot most probably your tour experience won't be as good. As you might know, for horseback riding it is a must to wear long pants or jeans which are not too tight or too baggy. All clothes have to be comfortable and well-fitting. If the temperature is warm, wear a shirt in a light, breathable fabric such as cotton. If it's cold, layer long-sleeved shirts with a jacket or sweatshirt will be fine. Women with long hair should tie it up before riding so it does not interfere with their vision while riding.


Insider's Tip 3: When you book a horseback riding tour make sure to tell the tour company with whom you book about your expertise and riding experience. If you are a beginner or have never horseback ride before, let them know so you are sure that you are booking a tour with an appropriate difficulty level according to your expertise.


Insider's Tip 4: Most often, tour transfers are done in air conditioned vehicles which tend to be a bit too cold. Therefore, a sweater or pullover always comes in handy. We suggest always carrying one with you, hence avoiding the risk of catching a cold because of these sudden changes in temperatures.


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