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Destination Day Activities
Buenos Aires 1

Flight arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Personalized welcome at the airport. Transfer with private vehicle to your hotel (also with private guide for flights arriving from 7 AM to 11 PM). 

Images of Buenos Aires Tourwith private historian guide and vehicle. Enjoy the best introductory private tour to Buenos Aires learning about the main most awesome highlights of this unique cosmopolitan city (3 hours).


Transfer with private vehicle to Buenos Aires domestic Airport.

Iguaz˙ 2

Flight arrival in Iguaz˙ and personalized welcome at the airport. Transfer with private vehicle and guide to your hotel.

Brazilian side of the Falls. Prepare to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views that can only be seen from the Brazilian side of the Iguaz˙ falls. You will be assisted by a private guide (2 hours).

Foz Tropicana Bird Park tour. If you enjoy seeing the most exotic and magnificent bird species with outstanding close-up opportunities in a natural environment, then you will definitely love the Foz Tropicana Bird Park. Featured are more than 150 different species from all around the world, one third of them in danger of extinction. In addition you will also see Caiman Crocodiles, Boa Constrictors, Marmosets monkeys and Butterflies. This tour is self-guided (1 hour approximately).


Prepare yourself for an exciting day at the Argentinean side of the Iguaz˙ falls. You will be assisted by a private guide. Your first stop will be at the biggest confluence of the Iguaz˙ Falls: The mighty Devil's Throat, where you will hear the amazing roaring of the Iguaz˙ falls.

Next you will visit the lower and upper panoramic trails which outlook the falls enjoying a diversity of beautiful views of this spectacular and unique natural attraction. The lower trails on the Argentinean side will take you close enough to touch the mighty Iguazu Falls! (full day).

Get ready for an Exciting close-up nautical adventure by the Iguaz˙ Falls. This ride in a double engine motorboat will take you as close as possible to the falls. You will be able to take the most outstanding close-up photos and live an experience that you will definitely treasure in your memories (12 minutes)..


Transfer with private vehicle to Iguaz˙ Airport.

Buenos Aires 4

Arrival in Buenos Aires. You will then board your next flight.

Valdes Peninsula Region 4

Flight arrival in Trelew and personalized welcome at the airport. Transfer to your hotel in Puerto Madryn.


ValdÚs PenÝnsula full day tour.Valdes PenÝnsula is one of the most important marine wildlife reserves in the world, and a true paradise for marine wildlife lovers. Declared a natural heritage by the United Nations, it has an immense variety of marine wildlife species. An amazing display of penguins, elephant seals, whales, sea lions and orcas (killer whales) is on view in the peninsula area.

You will also enjoy a whale watching boat adventure. (1 hour and fifteen minutes). In this day tour you will enjoy a super close-up and unique encounter with some of the most beautiful marine animals in their own natural habitat (full day).


Magellanic Penguins┤ heaven, Punta Tombo rookery tour: some of the most charismatic animals on Earth, the Penguins dress to impress! Hundreds of thousands of Magellanic Penguins are on hand to host your visit at the Punta Tombo Reserve (full day).

The Commerson's Dolphins Discovery: embark on this grand adventure to discover 1 of the 2 sites in the world where you can see one of the most beautiful dolphins ever: the Commersonĺs Dolphins or Toninas Overas.

This uniquely charismatic marine specie can only be found around Kerguelen Island in the Indian Ocean, and around the tip of southern South America, specifically near the middle coastal area of Argentina. Commersonĺs dolphins are swift swimmers and aerial acrobats. They are known to ride bow waves to engage in various types of leaps (1 hour and fifteen minutes). Transfer to Trelew Airport.

El Calafate 6

Flight arrival in El Calafate airport. Transfer with private vehicle to your hotel.

This is a free day for you to enjoy on your own. You can relax at your hotel, visit downtown or arrange any additional activity for your free time (depending on your flight arrival time).


Multi Adventure on the Perito Moreno Glacier. This tour includes a navigation along Perito Moreno Glacier's South wall, a glacier trekking with crampons experience on the Perito Moreno Glacier and a trek in the Magellan forest.

Next you will visit the panoramic boardwalks that overlook the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier. Enjoy the most breathtaking views and pause to your heart's content to listen to the crashing of chunks of glacier falling into the lake and the creaking and groaning of the moving glacier. This tour is done in group basis (full day).


Navigation to Upsala, Onelli and Spegazzini Glaciers inboat VIP section. Enjoy a full day navigating among icebergs and some of the most impressive glaciers of The Glaciers National Park. The VIP section is located above the standard section, has a privileged view, much more ample and comfortable seats and a exclusive guide for the VIP guests (full day).


Transfer with private vehicle to El Calafate Airport.

Buenos Aires 9

Arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to your hotel with private vehicle.A Delightful and Authentic Tango Evening at La Ventana (dinner and show).

Experience an evening of passion, charm, beauty and sensuality; a night of Tango at La Ventana, one of the first-class tango places of Buenos Aires: 35 artists for each show including: 2 tango orchestras, 10 tango dancers, 2 singers, and a colorful folklore band. The tango show at La Ventana is an amazing journey to the core of tango history, as you will see on stage the different and authentic tango styles each with its particular music, dancing style, and costumes. The show duration is of one hour and half. VIP seats located at the front with also a VIP menu can be requested, at an additional cost, if preferred. Transfers to the tango dinner/show are done in group basis, please request private transfers if preferred.


Transfer from your hotel to Ezeiza International Airport with private vehicle. We look forward to welcome you again in Argentina

IMPORTANT: The order of the activities in each destination may change depending on weather conditions or other circumstances.