Architecture in Buenos Aires
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Architecture in Buenos Aires
Architecture tour in Buenos Aires

architecture in buenos aires

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From the magnificent early-twentieth-century buildings to the great rationalist heritage, as well as the uniquely Argentinean "sausage" house, the architecture of Buenos Aires is one of the most qualified, disconcerting and suggestive in the world.

Buenos Aires has always been, from its very beginnings, an international port of exchange; and the multiple sources of inspiration which have crossed cultural boundaries, together with the constant local tendency to re-elaborate, have, in only four centuries, consolidated a remarkable group of buildings with great architectonic, urban and landscape value.

The architectural highlights of Buenos Aires seen through its history are: The impressive surrounding area of Plaza de Mayo and the few surviving landmarks of the Colonial period; the magnificent public buildings of the early 20th century; the best examples of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Rationalist architecture; the original and colorful houses of la Boca; an Argentinean invention: the “Sausage house” (lodgings of the European immigrants in the neighborhoods); and the contemporary trends in architecture and urban design. A complete introduction to the Argentinean architectural heritage.

Since you will be doing this tour with a private vehicle and guide, you will have the freedom of enjoying each attraction at your own pace, making all the stops you want, enjoying personal assistance and care from our specialized guide.

Duration : 3 hours

Sites : Downtown, Monserrat, La Boca, Congreso, Lavalle Square, Retiro, Palermo

Stops : Former Eva Peron's Foundation, CGT, National Congress, Evita's grave at Recoleta cemetery

Guide : private English speaking guide

Transfer : Private vehicle

Includes : transfers + historian and art guide