The Other South a Hidden Buenos Aires
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The Other South: a Hidden Buenos Aires
buenos aires old buildings

old buildings in buenos aires

buenos aires old church

A tour around "forgotten" districts of Buenos Aires, far away from the main tourist routes. Barracas, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Patricios and Boedo hold amazing stories and terrific buildings: old factories, wall paintings, secret societies, workers' dwellings, impressive churches and traditional cafés. This is an astonishing trip to the past & present of the popular neighborhoods in which immigration, labor movement, tango and popular literature play the main roles.

Since you will be doing this tour with a private vehicle and guide, you will have the freedom of enjoying each attraction at your own pace, making all the stops you want, enjoying personal assistance and care from our specialized guide.

Duration : 3 hours

Sites : Barracas, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Patricios and Boedo

Stops : Lanín passage, Florentino Ameghino Park, Basilica of Pompeya, Boedo

Guide : private English speaking guide

Transfer : private vehicle

Includes : transfers + historian guide