The Jewish Heritage in Buenos Aires
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The Jewish Heritage in Buenos Aires

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The Jewish community of Buenos Aires, one of the largest in the world, is an active one which we look forward to personally sharing with you. On your half-day tour, we’ll provide insights into the history of how Jewish immigrants came to settle here, highlight events that have impacted modern-day Argentine Jewish community life, share with you the stories of some truly beautiful synagogues, and introduce you to the traditional Jewish Barrio, Once.
This tour includes a variety of sites of interest and your host looks forward to presenting an introduction to you on the richness of Jewish life here.

Your host will comment on the history of the Jewish immigration to Argentina, and the subsequent growth of the community, to one of the largest in the world.

You will visit Once— Buenos Aires’ version of the Lower East Side, a barrio which previously bustled with yiddishkeit: Jewish cafes, theatres, Yiddish press, Jewish schools, and businesses. Today, while all of the above still abound, the neighborhood has seen the influx of different ethnic business owners, and residents, and the flavor has certainly changed with time. In recent decades, thanks to opportunity and prosperity, many Jewish residents took the opportunity to move up and out, typically to Buenos Aires neighborhoods in the northern part of town. Though Once is no longer the Yiddish powerhouse of yesteryear, it merits a stop-off to enjoy a visit to a beautiful Ashkenazi synagogue, constructed in the early 1920s.

You will also visit the antique IWO (institute of Yiddish studies) and the place where the Israel Embassy stood before the terrorist bomb attack in 1992 where there is a memorial dedicated to remembering the lives lost in this terrorist bombing.

Duration: 3 hours

Sites:      Retiro, Downtown, Once

Stops:     Once neighborhood, Israel’s former embassy; 2 or 3 synagogues and IWO

Guide:    Private English speaking guide

Transfer: Private vehicle

Includes: transfers : guide specialized in Jewish history and community + tzedaka