Gaucho Traditions and Folklore of the Pampas
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Gaucho Traditions & Folklore of the Pampas
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Enjoy a full day learning the aspects of the Gaucho's life in an ideal opportunity to sample the traditional Argentine country life the way it is in the natural surroundings of the Pampas. You will depart from the hotel towards Cardales neighborhood, only 57 miles (90 km) from downtown Buenos Aires, to visit Santa Susana Estancia ("estancias" are a kind of ranch). Santa Susana’s 3000 acres (1200 hectares) are devoted mainly to agriculture and cattle breeding.

Upon arrival a welcome drink with empanadas (meat pies) will be served at the Pulpería (Ranch's Pub or Gaucho bar). Later, feast on a typical Argentine barbecue accompanied by Argentine wine. Argentina is famous for it's beef. Millions of Angus and Hereford cattle graze on the grasses of the Pampas, and the result is beef of exceptional flavor, especially when grilled slowly over coals. As you finish your lunch, enjoy a show with folk and tango music and dances.

The field day culminates with an exhibition and mix-up of matched-together horse herds (tropillas), and the autochthonous horseback sport called "carreras de sortijas" (ring-races), all of which show the remarkable dominion exerted by the gaucho upon his horses, where they put on an exhibition of bold, skillful horsemanship.

Late in the afternoon, a snack consisting of home made pastries, tea and "mate" (an typical argentine drink made of herbs) will be served. Horses and carriages are available for rides. The strolls in typical one-horse carriages called "sulkies", or just riding on horse-back, will show the visitors the enchantment of the Argentine land, the beautiful landscape, its growing crops, and let them feel the incomparable wild aroma in the air.

The Gaucho

In the last century, they were nomadic horsemen and cowhand, roaming the Argentine grasslands, who hunted and traded cattle. The gaucho's weapons are the lasso, knife, and boleadoras (or bolas), a device made of leather cords and three stones that is thrown at the legs of an animal to entwine and immobilize it.

"The Gauchos, or countrymen, are very superior to those who reside in the towns. The Gaucho is invariably most obliging, polite, and hospitable: I did not meet with even one instant of rudeness or inhospitality. He is modest, both respecting himself and country, but at the same time a spirited, bold fellow..."

Charles Darwin

IMPORTANT: This is a nice tour but its only drawback is that it is done by very large groups (in cruises season sometimes more than 600 people do this tour every day). Therefore, if you prefer more exclusive tours we suggest requesting one of our specialized private tours in Buenos Aires.

Duration : full day

Guide: shared English/Spanish speaking guide

Transfer: shared vehicle

Includes: transfers + Lunch with beverages and wine