Navigation to the Victoria Island and Myrtle Forest
Navigation to Victoria Island
and Myrtle Forest

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This tour begins at Puerto Pa˝uelo, on the shores of the picturesque Llao Llao Peninsula. Our boat leaves from this pier towards Victoria Island.

You will enjoy being at the exclusive VIP section of the boat. This section is located above the boat standard section, has a privileged view, more ample and comfortable seats, and some complimentary drinks and snacks are served.

The blue waters of the Nahuel Huapi, the greenness of the trees growing on the coast and the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range that surrounds the scenery are our companions during this voyage.

After 30 minutes of a quiet lake ride that crosses 7 miles (11 kilometers), Puerto Anchorena is reached on the Victoria island.

Its beautiful natural scenery spreads across 3,710 hectares and encloses various attractions. This island in a remote past was dwelled by Indian communities that left their marks in the form of cave paintings in some areas of the island.

The leafy trails that cross Victoria lead the visitors to the giant sequoias, thujas, eucalyptus, pines, oaks as well as cypresses, coihues and ˝ires, which are the habitat for various species, such as the pud˙ (the smallest deer in the world), wild boar, red deer, pheasants and countless species of birds. Some blue-eyed cormorants may also be seen in the bay around Puerto Anchorena. This is one of the only in-land and fresh water places you can find them, they got to adapt to this different environment and they even nest on some cliffs of the Victoria Island.

The del Toro, Puerto Gross, Radal and Piedras Blancas beaches are some of the most interesting nooks in Victoria Island.

You have more than 3 hours to tour the different trails in Isla Victoria, and after that you will continue the sailing up to Puerto Quetrihue, located in the South of the peninsula bearing the same name, in order to visit the Arrayanes National Park .

This reserve protects a myrtle forest unique in the world, with specimens of 45 feet (15 meters) high which are approximately 200 years old.
This tree formation with ancient specimens is unique in the world. The tree bark is completely smooth and cinnamon-colored. The tree has white flowers resembling the orange blossom, and blackish fruit with a delicious taste. The myrtle forest has been declared natural monument and human activities have been restricted in this area.

Los Arrayanes National Park was created in 1971. It covers the whole extension of the QuetrihuŔ Peninsula with an area of 1,840 hectares.

You have about 50 minutes to visit the Arrayanes forest.

At late afternoon you return to our hotel.

Difficulty : low

Duration : full day

Guide : exclusive private guide.

Boat : seats in VIP section.

Includes : transfers and entrance fee to National Park