Horseback Riding Experience
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Horseback Riding Experience at a Patagonian Estancia
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horseback riding in bariloche tour

Prepare for a day full of adventures. You will leave in the morning in our van. The drive takes about half an hour before reaching Fortín Chacabuco Ranch.

Estancia Fortin Chacabuco (Fortin Chacabuco ranch) is located on the shore of Rio Limay (Limay River), 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Bariloche. This historical place was the last military settlement in the Desert Campaign of 1880 when Government forces were engaged in battle against the local natives. It was built in 1883 when General Villegas ordered to build the Chacabuco Fort. This estancia captures exactly the flavor of a historical and authentic Patagonian estancia. It still operates similarly to the way large ranches were run years ago by it's sheep herding, cattle and horse ranching. At the Fortin Chacabuco Ranch you will explained how the dynamics of ranching sheep works, along with all the other tasks done in the estancia. The Estancia Fortin Chacabuco was the first ranch in Argentina to develop a genetically superior species of sheep, both for wool and meat, being the first in Argentina that used frozen sperm for artificial insemination.

The location is the transitional zone between the precordillera and the steppe. It has two well-defined geographical areas. The steppe gives panoramic views of Bariloche, the Nahuel Huapi Lake, Cerro Tronador and the Limay River, whereas the forest zone consists of varied terrain with canyons, rock formations, streams and marshes, therefore offering different and varied flora, fauna and soils. These combination of beautiful landscapes will let you enjoy a one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience and what we consider one of the best horseback riding trips of all Patagonia.

What further completes this country lodge is its reputation of fine home cooked food. By visiting this special place you will be able to observe first hand the life and character of the estancias in this region.

At the estancia you will be greeted by the local guides (baqueanos), who know these regions like the palm of their hands. They will have horses ready for you to ride up into the arid and desolate Patagonian "estepa" (praire). You will first ride along the Fortin Mountain slopes where you are likely to spot some Red Deers, Guanacos, Grey Foxes and perhaps the "King of the Air" - the Andean Giant Condor, which are often seen soaring around the region peaks.

Back in the ranch an "asado criollo" (delicious meat barbecue) awaits. This style cooking meat over an open fire (very close to hot coals but without flames) is typical of Argentina. In the afternoon you will have free time to walk around the establishment, into the sheep-shearing sheds, the horse stables and the "gauchos" quarters. You will also enjoy "mate" (Argentines typical hot beverage) and delicious "tortas fritas" (similar to donoughts). "Mate" is made from dried crushed leaves of the "mate" bush, then hot water is added in much the same way tea is made. It is served in a "mate" cup and sipped through an ornate (sometimes silver) straw. Any time of the day in Argentina is "mate" time.

You will return to Bariloche in the late afternoon.

Difficulty : low

Duration : full day

Guide : group English/Spanish speaking guide

Transfer : group vehicle

Includes : asado (barbeque) for lunch with beverages.