Argentinean side of the Iguazu falls
Argentinean Side of The Iguaz˙ Falls

Iguazu falls Argentina side

Iguazu argentina side devil's throat

Aerial view of the Iguazu falls

Aerial photo of Iguazu

fantastic view of the iguazu falls from the argentinian side

We will arrive at the Iguaz˙ National Park and board a cute train that will take us to the footbridges which lead to one of the most impressive sites of the Iguaz˙ Falls: La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat). At this particular point, a great number of cascades converge.The Devil's Throat owes its name to the overwhelming sound created by the waterfalls, since this is where the largest flow of water concentrates.

At this point our guide will invite you to close our eyes and hear the roar of the falls. When you open youe eyes, you will fully appreciate the overpowering strength of the waters that fall with an incredibly strong impact, creating a mist and fog so thick that the bottom of the Garganta del Diablo cannot be seen.

It is here where we begin traversing the higher circuit or road of the Falls. In our stroll we will cross two footbridge circuits, both located on the Argentinean side: the higher (superior) and lower (inferior) ones. As their names imply, both will allow you to appreciate two totally different perspectives of the Falls. But either from their base or from their highest point, the Iguaz˙ Falls will earn your amazement and admiration.
Through the 3/4 miles (1200 meters) of the superior circuit, you will enjoy the views from the top of the Dos Hermanas, Alvarez Nu˝ez and Lanusse Falls.
Afterwards weĺll stroll along the inferior circuit, which will allow you to get really close to the Falls, practically touching them and feeling their ôrainö as we approach them.

Throughout the mile (1600 meters) of the inferior circuit we will get to know the beautiful Bozzetti, Mbigua, Ramirez and Chico Falls.

Since you will be doing this tour with a private vehicle and guide, you will have the freedom of enjoying each attraction at your own pace, making all the stops you want, enjoying personal assistance and care from our specialized guide.

Difficulty : low

Duration : full day

Guide : private English speaking guide

Transfer : private vehicle

Includes : transfers + entrance ticket to Iguaz˙ National Park