Navigation to Upsala, Onelli
and Spegazzini Glaciers

spegazzini glacier el calafate
boat passing near spegazzini glacier
icebergs in el calafate argentina
huge iceberg in el calfate
catamaran passing near spegazzini

You will be taken in the morning to Puerto Bandera (Port of the Flag) to board our boat that'll take you into the North Arm of Lake Argentino to navigate among icebergs and to the front of the imposing Upsala Glacier.

You will enjoy being at the exclusive VIP section of the boat. This section is located above the boat standard section, has a privileged view, much more ample and comfortable seats, and an exclusive assistance for the VIP guests.

The Upsala Glacier is the largest glacier within the continental patagonic ice, even though it has suffered severe losses during the last years. It owes its name to the Swedish city of Upsala, which university promoted the first glaciology studies in the area. The height of its walls range from 197 to 262 feet (60-80 meters) and its surface is of 232 square miles (595 km2), it is 37 miles long (60 km), and 3-4 miles wide (5-7 km). The total basin surface of this glacier is of 390 square miles (1000 km2). The dept of the lake at the front of the glacier is of about 3280 feet (1000 meters).

From there you will continue on the Onelli Channel and you will disembark in Onelli Bay. Landing in Onelli Bay you find ourselves surrounded by forests. A typical patagonic forest where "lenga" and "guindo" are generally covered of "usnea" (lichens), commonly called "old man's beard". Crossing the forest, through approximately 872 yards (800 meters), we reach Onelli Lagoon, where glaciers Onelli (45 km2/18 square miles), Bolado (16 km2/6 square miles) and Agassiz (31 km2/12 square miles) meet. This lagoon is usually full with icebergs, detachments of ice from the glaciers.

Upon finalizing the crossing of the forest you will see the Onelli Lagoon where you will visualize the Onelli, Bolado and Heim Glaciers.

At noon you will have free time for lunch. Then you will embark and navigate towards the Spegazzini Channel, to see the Seco, Spegazzini and Heim South Glaciers.

The Spegazzini glacier was named after the botanist Carlos Spegazzini who made the first studies of the local flora. This glacier has a surface of 26 square miles (66 km2) and it is 15.5 miles long (25 km), and 1 mile wide (1.6 km). The height of its front (262-443 feet/80-135 meters) is an outstanding characteristic. It is the highest glacier within the National Park.

The Seco Glacier's surface is of 1.5 square mile (4 km2) and clearly shows the receding process of a glacier.

By the end of the afternoon you will return to Puerto Bandera (Port Flag). If conditions aren't favorable to enter the Onelli area, you will disembark at Puesto de Vacas, a beautiful site where we you will see a shelter formerly used by expeditions to the Continental Ice Cap.

Difficulty : low

Duration : full day

Transfer : vehicle and motorboat (in VIP section). The VIP section is located above the standard section, has a privileged view, much more ample and comfortable seats, and an exclusive assistance for the VIP guests.

Includes : transfers + entrance ticket to Glaciers National Park