Engineers of Nature
Adventure at the END OF THE EARTH (day 2)

Prepare for our exciting second adventure day at the Ends of the Earth.  Click on any tour option to see detailed information and photos.

Engineers of Nature
beaver in ushuaia

beaver in water

beaver damm in ushuaia

tree eaten by beaver

watching sunset in ushuaia

During the 20th century, various pairs of beavers were brought from Canada to try to develop the local fur industry in Ushuaia.
The results were unexpected and our furry friends did nothing but get along with each other extremely well and reproduce on a large scale. Naturally, beavers built their dams in the middle of the lakes that they themselves had created, thus changing the landscape beyond all recognition.

This tour takes place in the evening because beavers sleep during the day. We will access the natural habitat of beavers through challenging mud tracks and beautiful Ends of the Earth landscapes on our 4x4 off road vehicles. In this exciting experience you will learn about these fascinating "engineers of nature" which skillfully build dams, lakes, shelters, knocking out trees with their powerful teeth.
Then, you will enjoy a delicious stew beneath an impressive sunset.

Difficulty : low

Length : 4 to 5 hours

Transfer : 4x4 vehicle- approximate maximum capacity: 8 people

Guide : shared English/Spanish speaking guide

Includes : Appetizer, Lentels stood, desert. Water, sof drinks and red wine also included.