La Ventana Tango
A Delightful Tango Night at La Ventana
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A Delightful and Authentic
Tango Evening at La Ventana

We invite you to experience an evening of passion, charm, beauty and sensuality; a night of Tango at La Ventana.

La Ventana is one of the first-class tango places of Buenos Aires, and we consider it the best tango show in town. La Ventana is located in the very heart of San Telmo neighborhood, in an impressive historic building. Its interior architectural style is absolutely preserved, and creates the ideal setting for an unique experience: 35 artists for each show including: 2 tango orchestras, 10 tango dancers, 2 singers, and a colorful folklore band.

The tango show at La Ventana is an amazing journey to the core of tango history, as you will see on stage the different and authentic tango styles each with its particular music, dancing style, and costumes.

You will have the honor of listening to the live music of one of the best tango orchestras ever: "La Gran Orquesta de Juan D'Arienzo" directed by the Maestro Carlos Lazzari. Not only will you hear some of the best tango musicians alive, but also you will enjoy seeing some of the best tango dancers and singers on stage.

To enrich this show experience La Ventana has also included a short but very colorful Argentine folklore show with many talented folklore musicians that we are sure you will also enjoy a lot.

The dinner menu consists of several traditional and international dishes, accompanied with excellent argentine wines. Don't expect to enjoy the same top-notch meal you will enjoy in a first-class restaurant in BA, but at La Ventana the food and wine are very good.

To see the dinner menu please click here (bear in mind that the menu is changed twice a year so this might not be the exact menu you will have on the night of your tango dinner and show).

Duration: 3  hours - show duration: 1 hour and a half

Transfer: group transfer

Includes: transfers + dinner with beverages and wine