The Odyssey Of Ushuaia Discovery
Adventure at the END OF THE EARTH (day 1)

Prepare for our exciting and thrilling exclusive adventures at the Ends of the Earth. Click on any tour option to see detailed information and photos.

The Odyssey Of Ushuaia’s Discovery
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For your adventure spirits we have arranged this ultimate adventure experience that involves paddling in a inflatable rubber canoe on the Beagle Channel, a visit to Harberton Estancia, a motorboat tour to the Penguin Island, and a hiking experience on the awesome virgin Gable Island. If you are not fond of water activities like paddling we will take you by vehicle to Harberton Estancia where you will join the rest of the group.

The largest island on the Beagle Channel, Gable, features the full range of elements that compose the classical Patagonian landscape. Provisional indigenous settlements and an abandoned sheep shearing barn are the only human vestiges in this now uninhabited patchwork of beech wood forests and rolling pastures set in the dramatic backdrop of Andean peaks.

The tour begins early in the morning when you are picked you up at your hotel. We follow highways “3” and “J” for an hour and a half until we reach Bahía Brown (Brown Bay). Once there, we prepare the duckies (modified inflatable kayaks) and server you hot drinks and snacks. Duckies are extremely stable boats that will ensure you enjoy a safe fun ride. Your guide will be a professional paddler who will guide you and be there for your safety.

In this point you can choose between doing the journey to Harberton Estancia in a vehicle or paddling in the duckies.

Following the path of the Yamana canoe-men, the first Indian colony that settled in this region, we’ll start paddling through a narrow passage of a river, pretty close to the Beagle Channel, enjoying the beauty of the changing vistas and the local fauna and flora. You’ll start warming up while our guides teach you the basic paddling techniques.

When we arrive to the Beagle Channel, we leave the river and start heading to the Harberton Estancia (ranch), the first settlement of the founders of Ushuaia. Indeed, the founders of this region did the same paddling path that you are going to do. When you arrive to this picturesque estancia you´ll be able to rest, enjoy the magnificent view and dry yourself. It’s important for you to know that upi will provide all the wet gear you´ll need (boots, water proof rain jacket and trouser, etcétera) so your clothes wont be all wet from the duckie ride. At this "estancia" youwill meet the travelers that chose the vehicle ride.

A motorboat waits for us at the dock. We board it and head to the Penguin’s Island. On this island you will admire a colony of Magellan penguins. Walking on this island is prohibited in order to protect the penguin’s natural environment. Our boat will get close to the island so you can take pictures of these cute little fellows.

We then head to the mystic Gable Island, a natural, cultural and historic icon of the foundation of this region. We disembark on its 15 miles (24 km) of pure magic. We unite at our rural retreat, light up the rustic salamander and indulge in a Yamana-style meal. Near the retreat there´s an old sheep shearing barn no longer in use that you can visit. Once we’ve had some time to rest and digest we´ll begin our cross-island trek, through pastures and haunting woods, towards the rugged southern shore. Steep glacier-ravaged cliffs descending into the channel greet us on the other side, showing us the fiercer face of Tierra del Fuego. We stand on the edge with the wind blowing hard on our faces while down below, wind-swept and immense, the Beagle Channel stretches itself in all its splendor. you´ll be surrounded by the elemental wilderness and curling waves that mark the Ends of the Earth.

Before long we´ll be returning inland and making our way into the heart of the island to a lagoon harboring a beaver lodge. Beavers are considered a plague in these regions because of the damage they do on local flora. In their settlements you will be able to see chunks of wood and fallen trees which are the result of the beaver’s work of constructing dams. Because beavers are excellent swimmers, they need to flood their habitats in order to protect themselves from preying species. The interesting fact is that beavers have no natural predators in this region, so they keep constructing dams and flooding areas without pause and without real necessity. They sleep during the day and work all through the night, therefore if you are lucky we might just encounter one of these magnificent little hydraulic engineers. The surrounding woods yield a unique, eerie beauty.
Light-green colored lichens hang long from the bark and branches of the tangled up tree-tops, while the floor is thick with white orchids, violets, ferns and wild strawberries.

After a three-hour hike, we´ll return to our retreat, where we´ll stop for hot drinks and some snacks, and then prepare for our motorboat ride back to the mainland. We´ll return to the city as the twilight descends over the Beagle Channel.

Requirements for this tour: the paddling experience is for people over 12 years of age, in moderately fit physical conditions.

Difficulty : moderate

Length : full day

Guide : shared English/Spanish speaking guide

Transfer : shared vehicle - approximate maximum capacity: 16 people

Includes : breakfast + lunch with beverages + snack